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It's our people that make Efficiency Assessments efficient.


The Team at Efficiency Assessments is highly trained and offers the services of some of the longest operating and most experienced NatHERS Assessors in Australia. We pride ourselves on being leaders in our industry and ensure that all staff are trained and have the support needed to deliver the efficient, friendly and accurate service that our customers deserve.

Our combined experience in the building industry spans almost a century with each Team member bringing a unique set of skills. Our combined qualifications and experience includes NatHERS Assessment, BASIX Assessment, Building Certification, Building, Town Planning, Architecture, Building Design, Drafting, Accessible design, NCC interpretation, Council documentation and more. You can read about us below.

Scott Douglass.

Managing Director

Scott manages our core Assessment Services and specialises in Assessment for regulatory purposes. He has worked with many types of clients including owner builders, architects, designers and unit developers with projects varying from granny flats to multi unit towers.

Scott has over 16 years of experience in the NatHERS Industry and over 10 years experience in customer service. 

Scott has a keen eye for detail and ensures that all of our regulatory work is accurate and that any advice is sound, buildable and cost effective.

Kevin Douglass.

Projects Manager

Kevin is a foundation NatHERS Assessor, founding ABSA Board Member and started our first Company 'Linford Homes' in 1979 constructing some of the first energy efficient homes in Australia.

Kevin has extensive local government experience and introduced various sustainability initiatives affecting Council operations and rate payer activities.

Kevin provides the Team with project management services to help ensure that all our projects progress satisfactorily.

Kevin has an exceptional knowledge of alternative technologies and provides information and advice to our clients.

Suzanne Douglass.

Business Administrator

Suzanne joined our team in 2010 bringing with her extensive managerial, accounting, budgeting and HR experience.

Suzanne provides HR & accounting services to the Team and uses her specialist skills to ensure that our activities meet our regulatory obligations and that we are remunerated for the work we put into each project.

Suzanne is available to assist our clients with any enquiries relating to our accounting policy, fees, invoicing and mandatory government costs.

Rebecca Robins.

Founding Director

Rebecca is a foundation NatHERS Assessor and has over 25 years of experience in the Industry.  She has worked with a raft of different clients including owner builders, architects, designers and unit developers in NatHERS Assessment. She has a working relationship with ABSA, BASIX, Energy Inspection (BERSPro), Transformed and the NatHERS National Administrator providing Technical advice, quality assurance, mentoring, research and other services.

Rebecca provides NatHERS and BASIX Assessment services and specialises in detailed building thermal analysis, Section J & delivering technical services directly to Assessors and Assessor businesses.

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