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Assessment Services

Efficiency Assessments provides house energy rating, energy efficiency and BASIX Certification services Australia wide.


Our services are tailored to your needs and we take the time to get to know you and your project. This, coupled with our commitment to ongoing professional development, ensures that our results are accurate and our recommendations are sound. At the same time our advice is based on the latest technology, uses commercially available products, provides cost effective and buildable solutions that remain within your expectations and budget. This is the Efficiency Assessments difference.

Our professional service will result in savings throughout the building process.

Experience the Efficiency Assessments Difference.


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An energy efficiency analysis and certification is required when building a new home in Australia.  In most states, excluding NSW, this is set by the Building Code of Australia (BCA) and is a Star rating.  In NSW, this is determined by BASIX.   


Our Assessors are accredited with Australian Building Sustainability Association (ABSA)  under the requirements of the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS). This accreditation is valid Australia wide.


Our compliance service is designed to establish the minimum specification required for the issue of a NatHERS Certificate and/or BASIX Certificate.







In NSW, we provide a BASIX Certificate service.  This includes completion of all the sections required for the issue of the certificate.  When we issue the BASIX Certificate, it is backed by our extensive experience, up to date knowledge of current building and regulatory requirements and fully covered by our professional indemnity insurance giving you peace of mind that the requirements are the best available for your project and budget.


Some customers prefer to complete the Water and Energy components of the BASIX Certificate. As an alternative, we can issue the Thermal Comfort-Simulation Method certification only to facilitate this preference. The difference in fees between our normal BASIX service and the Thermal Comfort Only certification is kept low as the completion of the entire certification ensures that all of the building sustainability elements are appropriate for use together and that contradictions in documentation are eliminated.  



Commercial buildings must comply with Section J of the Building Code of Australia.  We provide Reports for any Commercial Building classified as Class 3, 5 to 9.


We can assess all parts of this section including:

  • J1 - Building Fabric

  • J2 - Glazing

  • J3 - Building Sealing

  • J5 - Air conditioning & Ventilation Systems

  • J6 - Artificial Lighting & Power

  • J7 - Hot Water Supply & Swimming Pool & Spa Plant

  • J8 - Access for Maintenance & Facilities for Monitoring



We offer two different pathways to achieve compliance

This method is a direct comparison to the requirements of the National Construction Code. The code sets minimum standards and our report will either show that your current design meets the minimum standards and/or advise what changes are required to meet the minimum standard.

Our service includes defining the minimum requirements of the Code in relation to your project, determining if your current selections are compliant and working with you to find a cost effective and practical solution to achieve compliance.


A JV3 Assessment is a performance based assessment, that is, it achieves the performance outcomes of the National Construction Code (NCC) by using alternative methods to assess compliance with the Code.


JV3 is generally used when the results of a Code based assessment produce an inconsistent or impractical glazing specification. 

Our Team uses DesignBuilder to simulate the dwelling and determine an alternative specification.

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