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Live in Comfort. Save on bills. Make your home work for you.

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New Home Analysis

This service is offered to people who are designing a new home and want to focus on better comfort, for a lower price with an aim of energy (and other) self sufficiency, green power, new technologies and making money from your home.


Our service is centred around the three pillars of sustainability being:

  • Environmental Sustainability

  • Economical Sustainability

  • Social Sustainability

We use our skills to help you make decisions about your new home using both computersied and traditional experienced based techniques.  Our analysis looks at getting the building right from the start and making sure it has inclusions within the building itself that act to achieve passive sustainability, includes suitable active systems that work in harmony with those passive systems, that the inclusions are cost effective and use the available budget to get the best outcome possible. We can then go further, using our experience in Access consulting to help future proof your home so you can remain comfortable well into old age.


This service is offered at 3 levels:

  • LEVEL 1: A non - computerised analysis of your project with verbal advice on key ways to improve the star rating and BASIX outcomes

  • LEVEL 2: A computerised and non computerised and analysis of your new home. A short report containing some suggestions for improving the star rating and therefore energy use. A brief analysis of any proposed active systems. This may be used as a springboard to a level 3 Assessment.

  • LEVEL 3: This is a highly personalised service with computerised and non-computerised analysis of your new home, temperature profiling and energy use graphing. Discussion regarding latest and proposed systems is included. Indicative energy savings and potential earning capability of PV systems can be included. This includes a detailed review and up to 15 areas of investigation, a full written report and regular client and consultant meeting. In this level we expect the project to change throughout the process as each project and client is different.

Want to live in comfort with little to no ongoing running costs?
We can't wait to help get you there.
Existing Home Analysis

This service is aimed at existing homeowners who are interested in learning how to improve the energy efficiency and sustainability of their current home.  This may be through an interest in reducing their impact on the environment, the need to achieve better comfort within the home, to save money on power or for a combination of these things. 


We have a number of services of varying complexity and cost. Please  EMAIL us to find out more about these services.

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