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Using our experience to lead the industry into the future

We have significxant knowledge and experience in the systems and appliances you can install to improve your environmental impact.  We can help with all your building sustainability and energy efficiency questions including design advice, appliance selection, green energy and building use.


Over the last 25 years Efficiency Assessments has established itself amongst the top consulting firms working on furthering the NatHERS Industry.


Our technical knowledge of the software, our practical expertise in the day-to-day operations of NatHERS related businesses, our involvement with Assessor accrediting Organisations and our understanding of the Assessor industry ensures that we are familiar not only with what Assessors need but whether it would work in practice. This experience and skill set gives Efficiency Assessments a unique insight when researching, documenting and providing technical advice.

We are proud of our involvement in getting the NatHERS Assessor Handbook project started and continue to provide feedback and suggestions on this document as needed.

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